New Audiology & Hearing Center Now Open!

It’s official: Big Thicket has a brand-new Hearing Aid and Audiology center!

We provide hearing care and hearing aid solutions for all at the point of need at affordable prices. Our services are easily accessible and exceptional patient care is our crown and glory. Come in and check out your new, community-focused audiology facility – it’s here for you.


Meet Dr. Joni Ruiz

Meet our rather fantastic founder and Audiologist, Dr. Joni Ruiz.

She has a wealth of knowledge and experience in audiological practice and diagnostics, working for some of the most prestigious ENT physicians in Texas, and a year working closely with our veterans and active duty officers at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, D.C..

She has been inspired to open her own center for audiology, with a passion and a focus towards affordable, accessible and genuine patient care.

Schedule a Call Back

If you have a question, a concern with either your own or a loved one’s hearing or you would like to book an appointment, then complete this form and Dr. Joni Ruiz will call you when she’s available.

Alternatively, if your request is urgent, then you can call (409) 227-0284

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Understanding Hearing Loss

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First Responder Better Hearing Program

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