Why Work With An Audiologist?

What To Expect

We are here not only to cater to the hearing and audiology needs of the Big Thicket communities, but also to spread the message that looking after your hearing is vitally important. If you pay attention to your own hearing health, you may never have to come and see us at all…hooray!

The fact is that it only takes one instance of extreme noise exposure to significantly damage your hearing. This might be an everyday occurrence such as a loud music concert, a car backfiring near your ears, or particularly noisy traffic. However, here in Big Thicket, we have a high case rate of hearing loss due to the way we live.

In our community, hearing damage from gun fire is high, as well as – for those of us working in the logging and oil industries – persistent exposure to noisy machinery. The majority of men in their 30s in our area have some level of noise induced hearing loss.

The need for specific hearing care within Big Thicket is high, and we aim to provide for that in a way that is as accessible and inexpensive as possible. If you have any suspicion that you may be suffering from hearing loss, then we want you to feel comfortable coming to us straight away without fear of being judged, rejected or left out of pocket after paying for treatment.

Audiologists are vitally important members of the medical community. Although most doctors have at least a rudimentary understanding of hearing and the ear, audiologists have an encyclopedic knowledge of all its internal workings.

The inner ear is a miraculous and vastly complex organ and caring for it takes a great amount of experience and expertise. We aim to provide the highest quality and up-to-date audiological service possible.

What Are The Signs of Hearing Loss

So, when should you come and see us? Well, if there is even the smallest concern that your ears aren’t working the way they should be, then get in touch right away! No judgements, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Here are a few of the indicators that you may require our audiological services.

  • If you constantly struggle to hear others in conversation
  • If you can’t hear the TV, or seem to be turning it up louder than others are comfortable with
  • Constantly asking for other people to repeat themselves
  • Isolating yourself in social situations due to not being able to participate in conversation
  • Tinnitus (a constant buzzing or humming sensation in your ears)