When you have spare time, indulging your interests and passions can be hugely enjoyable. Hobbies can lift your spirits and give you confidence. In many cases, hobbies can improve both your physical and mental health. But sometimes there are risks bearing in mind.

Although all forms of hearing loss can be effectively managed with the help of an audiologist, ear protection is extremely important in preserving your hearing. In general, most people don’t subject themselves to loud noises long enough for them to have an impact. However, there are certain hobbies you need to be aware of as they can expose you to loud noises for extended periods.

Keeping this in mind here are three hobbies that require ear protection:

Going to Concerts or Gigs

There’s nothing quite like seeing your favorite band or music act live on stage. Music can have an incredible impact on our moods and emotions. While going to a concert can provide a major adrenaline rush and lift your mood, enjoying live music regularly could be doing cumulative damage to your hearing, as you are continuously exposed to the noise levels. Exposure to loud sounds continuously and regularly can increase the risk of developing hearing-related issues such as tinnitus and hearing loss.

Additionally, if you often have to go to gigs as part of your job, it’s in your best interests to wear earplugs to every gig you attend. Try and avoid standing close to the speakers if you can. Your passion for music should not come at the expense of your hearing. Specially designed musicians’ earplugs are a great option as they can block harmful frequencies while retaining music clarity, enabling you to enjoy the music without risking losing your hearing.

Firearms Shooting

Guns are extremely loud, and the short, extremely loud bursts of sound can cause damage to your ears and the auditory nerves. Don’t forget to protect your ears even as you aim for the bull’s eye. Over time, hunters can develop shooter’s ear, a condition that damages the ear on the side of the individual’s shooting shoulder. The loud bang of the gunshot causes a shock to the eardrum. High-quality earplugs or ear defenders are recommended for firearms enthusiasts as this can help to avoid noise-induced hearing loss and shield your ears.

Motor Racing

If you love riding a motorcycle or another motorized vehicle, then it’s a good idea to invest in some hearing protection. A National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health study found that the decibel level at your typical NASCAR track can reach 130dB or higher in the pit area, 114dB for the drivers and 96dB for the spectators. If you are a fan of motorsports, it is worth investing in a headset with a good noise reduction, this means you can listen to the race through the headset with the volume down. The longer you are at these events the more protection you need.

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