Freedom of choice is one of those great qualities that we all enjoy in our lives. When it comes to hearing health care however, it can be helpful to have some guidance on choosing a suitable hearing practitioner that can meet your needs. There are different options out there, from extensively trained Audiologists to people who dispense hearing aids without providing any diagnosis or treatment plan.

Working with an Audiologist

An Audiologist at Big Thicket Hearing Aids and Audiology can give you a detailed assessment of your hearing needs and create a customized treatment plan with tangible goals in mind. Below are some of the other reasons you might choose to work with an Audiologist: 

Instant clarity

There are many possible ways to take you quickly from muffled or diminished hearing, to something much clearer, such as with the removal of ear wax or using a hearing aid of some kind. If these options are possible, then an Audiologist can let you know and make the necessary adjustments. They may also recommend other improvements over a longer time period as part of your treatment plan.

Affordable solutions

At Big Thicket Hearing Aids and Audiology in Texas, we know that in an ideal world we would all be able to prioritize health above all else, but there are usually a dozen other aspects of life vying for your attention. One of these is invariably your budget. As a patient-centered professional Audiology center, we can help you find a plan and hearing solutions that are realistic for your circumstances. By asking the right questions, we can ascertain your needs and together we can create a hearing health plan that meets them.

Preventing future issues

Personal service and local knowledge are part of package that we offer at Big Thicket Hearing Aids and Audiology. There are hearing issues that are particularly common in the local area such as hearing damage at work or during leisure activities. Seeing these through the eyes of an Audiologist, we can offer advice that is relevant to your lifestyle. This might include advice on protecting your ears to prevent further or future damage.

Having a great relationship with an Audiologist benefits your hearing now and in the future. We look forward to offering you an assessment at Big Thicket Hearing in Lumberton, so please call on (409) 751-2590 or make contact for a hearing test through our website.