We have been receiving worrying reports from our customers indicating that they are experiencing problems with their ReSound hearing aids, particularly Bluetooth connectivity and sound.

We wanted to reassure you that, thankfully, the issue is not with your ReSound devices, but actually with the device you are connecting your hearing aid to.

If your iPhone and hearing aids are not working as well together as they used to, rest assured you are not alone.

Apple released its latest software update, iOS 13, in September 2019. This software very often downloads automatically to users’ cell phones and tablets, normally without issue, but, unfortunately, there seem to be bugs within this update that are causing Bluetooth connectivity problems due to permissions now being required when pairing.

iPhone users facing hearing aid connectivity issues after iOs 13.1.2 update

Apple has been inundated with complaints, with the main problem being the Bluetooth connectivity issue mentioned above.

The update meant that Apple products now require permission to connect to devices via Bluetooth, and our customers have experienced connection problems with their ReSound hearing aids.

Not only do you now have to ensure your Bluetooth is turned on, but you also need to give permission to every app that needs to use your device’s Bluetooth.

We wanted to reassure you that the problem does lie with Apple and not ReSound products. While we await a permanent update from Apple to fix this glitch, we wanted to share instructions detailing how to reconnect your ReSound hearing aid to your Apple device. Please click this link to access them.

ReSound has set-up a consumer hotline that you can call at 888-735-4237 for further help and advice should you need it.  You may experience a longer wait time than normal due to the volume of people this update has affected. If you would rather email them, here is the address: consumerhelp@gnresound.com.

Please accept our apologies for any issues you are experiencing. We hope the instructions provided help rectify these problems. 

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Dr. Joni A. Ruiz AuD

Dr. Joni Ruiz is the owner and doctor of audiology at Big Thicket Hearing Aids and Audiology. She earned her doctorate of audiology in 2009 from Lamar University in Beaumont, TX. Selected for a prestigious fourth-year externship at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, D.C., Dr. Ruiz has more than ten years’ experience as an audiologist. She has a heart for patient-centered care. At her hearing care practice, she performs comprehensive diagnostic audiological evaluations, provides aural rehabilitation to her patients and their loved ones, dispenses state of the art hearing aids, and manages the care of said devices for their life. Dr. Ruiz is dedicated to patient education regarding hearing loss, hearing protection, and hearing aid selection.
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