Hearing care just got affordable for the Big Thicket community following the launch of our brand new hearing aid and audiology center on Main Street yesterday.

Residents of Big Thicket turned out in force to welcome Big Thicket Hearing Aids & Audiology – the first and only Audiologist in Hardin County.

Attendees got the chance to tour our modern facilities, view our extensive range of modern hearing aids and meet our friendly team of hearing care professionals, led by Audiologist Dr Joni Ruiz.

“No quotas, no targets, no jumping through hoops; just simply giving patients the help and care that they need, regardless of their background or situation” says Dr Ruiz about the ethos behind our new center.

Dr Ruiz brings years of expertise from her time at prestigious ENT clinics across Texas. She has also dedicated much of her time working with our veterans and active duty officers. What she realized during this time was that truly affordable hearing care is out of reach for so many. And that’s what drove her to set up Big Thicket Hearing Aids & Audiology.

Healthy hearing is as important for our veterans as it is for every member of the Big Thicket community, young and old alike. That’s why throughout November we’re offering free hearing tests.

But that was not enough for Dr Ruiz who has long been an advocate for educating people about how they can protect their hearing, so that hopefully they won’t ever need the help of an Audiologist. In that spirit, this November we launched our first campaign, ‘Healthy Hearing Awareness month’, where we’ll be spreading the word about hearing loss prevention.

All of this is just for starters. Every day from here on out we will provide the Big Thicket community with affordable payment plans. So if you need hearing care or hearing aids, you won’t need to worry about how you’ll cover the cost anymore.

Get in touch with Big Thicket Hearing Aids & Audiology today to book your free hearing test before the month is up. You can call us directly on (409) 751-2590 or click here to schedule your appointment.

But why stop there? Bring the whole family in for their hearing tests and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that the hearing health of your nearest and dearest is in the safe hands of Dr Joni Ruiz.