Imagine living in a world with very little or no sound. Communication would be a constant struggle, and so many elements of daily life would pass unnoticed. After all, our environment is filled with hundreds of sounds from the ticking of the clock to a baby’s gentle sigh.

For US veteran Brenda Morosin, this was her reality. She started to lose her hearing at a young age, and as the years passed, what she could hear gradually faded away.

Brenda recalled, “I am 46 and grew up with a mother who couldn’t hear well. Of course, she would never admit to it, which was more frustrating. At an early age, I started to read lips, knowing someday I would be my mother.

“The day came I realized that reading lips was pretty much all I was doing and I found communication getting harder, so I made an appointment with Joni at Big Thicket Hearing Aids & Audiology. The results were severe hearing loss and, as Joni put it, I pretty much lived in a silent world. Holy cow she wasn’t exaggerating.”

I had the pleasure of meeting Brenda and welcoming her to Big Thicket Hearing Aids & Audiology. After Brenda’s hearing test, it became apparent just how severe her hearing loss was. I recommended to her the hearing aids I felt would best suit her lifestyle and individual needs – and as they say, the rest is history.

One of Brenda’s first major tests with her new hearing aids happened to take place on the 4th of July. And according to her, it’s an Independence Day she’ll never forget. She said, “The Fourth of July was about three weeks into my new hearing experience and I was in Denver. I attended the Astros vs. Rockies game at the mile high Coors Field.

“It was amazing! I was at the mile high mark way up there from the field, but I heard the bat hit the ball! The ball smacking that glove of the line drive to the first baseman. The man yelling and selling beer, popcorn, and sorts, yeah my poor husband, I not only heard all that but called him over!!!”

The baseball game wasn’t Brenda’s only wow moment. Soon afterwards, she found herself blown away by the clarity and fine details she could hear at that evening’s fireworks.

She continued, “The game was followed by Fourth of July fireworks display. As we waited for the far sections to vacate and move to the inner field for the show, so much was going on. I was able to hear the couple next to me, both of them, not just the guy directly next to me because I could see his lips. The kids we took with us were amazing, and I heard all their comments and questions.”

“The fireworks display was so loud. Before I heard the booms, of course, but the small crackles after the burst of colors were pretty awesome. I heard them before but not as many as I did this time.”

Adjusting to hearing aids after living so long with minimal hearing can be an amazing yet daunting experience at the same time. For many patients, like Brenda, rediscovering the world of sound can bring with it many surprises.

She said, “My experience the first month of wearing my new hearing aids has been overwhelming.  I didn’t know my refrigerator had a knock, forgot the sound of the zipper to my purse, toilet paper has a sound! Did you know that when you turn the blinker on it makes a clicking sound? So many everyday sounds that I had forgot about are all new and fresh to me.  I find myself getting lost in conversations because I can actually hear the swings and kids in the background, and I am so into enjoying my lost world I get lost myself in conversation.”

Brenda was thoroughly satisfied with her experience at Big Thicket Hearing Aids & Audiology and is thankful for how her life has been turned around for the better. She said she would strongly encourage anyone else who is struggling with their hearing to book an appointment.

She said, “Very grateful for having ran into Joni’s personable spirit in this life issue.  Her communication skill with explaining and understanding of your questions is just awesome.  If you’re debating the need for hearing aids, don’t, just go in and make the leap it’s worth a million bucks.”

Thank you, Brenda, for sharing your story with us. I truly hope it will inspire others to come see me for their hearing health care.

If you can relate to Brenda’s life before hearing aids, remember it is never too late to start on your very own new hearing journey. I am proud to serve the wonderful Big Thicket community. My aim is to make hearing health care accessible and affordable for everyone.

Experience life to the fullest – there’s certainly lots to celebrate and many precious memories to make. Don’t hesitate to book a hearing examination by clicking here or you can call me directly at (409) 751-2590.