COVID has created or contributed to many challenges in just about every sector of society. Still, it has also helped to reveal functionality and operating issues in various systems as well.

Operational problems using the ReSound Assist feature included in the ReSound Smart 3D App have become common due to it’s increased use and the lack of in-person support access to make hearing aid adjustments.

To help patients overcome these issues, I have put together a quick guide for fixing common problems if the ReSound Smart 3D app is not working for you.

What Is ReSound Assist?

Those new to the ReSound Smart 3D App might not be familiar with the ReSound Assist feature programmed in the software.

This feature allows hearing aid users remote access to a hearing care professional without in-person contact. The user can request fine-tuning, adjustments, and updates from a technician, and will enable the hearing care professional to update the settings on your hearing device from a remote location.

Even without social distancing limitations, this handy feature allows users to take advantage of professional adjustments at work, on vacation, or on-the-go.

Accessing ReSound Assist

Users in locales covered by ReSound Assist can access this feature by opening their Resound Smart 3D App and opening the “My ReSound” menu.

Note the items listed within this menu, which indicates you have access to the feature. Look for “Activate ReSound Assist” and follow the instructions.

If you do not see ReSound Assist in the “My ReSound” menu, you need to contact your hearing care professional to enable this feature.

Locating New Settings

When new settings are available for your device, you will receive a “push notice.” To activate these new settings in your device, you will need to locate them for installation.

To do this, open the “My ReSound” menu and look for “My Requests and New Settings.” Open this menu option and follow directions to load the new settings sent from your hearing care professional.

Reinstalling Old Settings

Though rare, new settings might not help if the ReSound Smart 3D app is not working for you, so you might want to restore the previous settings on your device.

Again, open “My ReSound” and locate “My Requests and New Settings.” You will see an option to “Restore to Previous Settings” at the bottom of the screen.

By selecting this option and following the subsequent instructions, you can reinstall the old settings on your device.

ReSound Assist Connectivity Issues

Three connectivity issues are most common when using ReSound Assist, but they are easy to overcome. First, be sure that you have an active Wi-Fi or cellular connection on your Smartphone.

If you have a connection, but the feature is still not available, access “My ReSound,” and swipe your finger down the screen to refresh the menu.

Finally, if refreshing did not solve your problem, then GN Online Services might be temporarily unavailable, and you will have to try again later.

Updating Software

ReSound provides two different methods for updating hearing aid software in the ReSound Smart 3D App.

First, you can visit your hearing care professional, who can check and update it for you. If this option is currently unavailable, you have to access “My ReSound” and look for “Hearing Aids Software Update.

After locating this option, open it, and follow the instructions to download available updates.

Locating Software Updates

By browsing your app store, you can determine if you have the latest update. If you do not, use the instructions above to download updates.

Within the “My ReSound” menu, you will see the menu option “Activate ReSound Assist.” By clicking on this option, you will activate the newest update on your device.

Big Thicket Is Here To Help

Getting the greatest benefit from your hearing aids is essential to me.

I understand that some of my patients struggle with technology, so I am always available to answer your calls and help walk you through the process of accessing and using your Resound Smart 3D App, as well as its Resound Assist feature.

Contact us to get help with types of issues related to the performance of your hearing aids and general hearing healthcare.