Resound hearing aid users are in for a surprise thanks to the latest technological release. Now, Resound hearing aid users who are using compatible devices can use their smartphones to stream music, calls, movies, and other audio data directly to their hearing aids.

Which devices are compatible?

The Audio Streaming for Hearing Aids technology, also known as ASHA, is available for Android users who have installed Android 10 on their phones. It is not compatible with earlier versions of that technology. It can be used in conjunction with the Google Pixel 3 line as well as Samsung Galaxy 9’s and 10’s. ASHA is intended for use by hearing aids in the Resound line. Users who have the Resound LiNX Quattro hearing aids are the first to be able to access this new technology.

What changes come along with the new technology?

Previously, hearing aid users who wanted to stream music or calls to their hearing aid devices needed to use an additional accessory, like a Telecoil, to stream that content to their hearing aids. With the latest technology, however, no accessories are required. Users can simply connect to the Resound Smart 3D app and use it to control the content that streams to their phones. The app connects to the hearing aid device via Bluetooth technology.

This is a substantial change from the previous features of the Resound Smart 3D app. Previous versions of the app were used primarily for volume and program control. The latest version of the app, on the other hand, provides users with substantially more options and connectivity, including the ability to control music, movie, and call streaming directly to the app.

The technology is also designed to produce less drain on battery life than previous versions of this technology. This means that users can comfortably stream audio directly from their phone without having to worry about being near a charger–or losing the use of their hearing aids after streaming for a reasonable length of time.

How can users get started experiencing the benefits of audio streaming direct to Resound hearing aids?

If you have Resound hearing aids that are compatible with the latest update, download the Resound Smart 3D app, click “Get Started,” and follow the prompts on the screen to set up your app and your hearing aids. You will then either see a screen that indicates your app is set up and ready to use (image 1), a warning icon noting that you need to change your settings to pair your hearing aids with your device (image 2), or a double warning icon that tells you that your hearing aids are not compatible with the device (image 3). Address any potential problems, and your hearing aids are ready to pair and make use of the ASHA technology.

If your hearing aids are not compatible, contact your audiologist to discuss upgrading to Resound hearing aids so that you, too, can experience the benefits of audio streaming to your hearing aids.

Thanks to ASHA, hearing aid users will be able to enjoy crisper, clearer sound and more control over what they listen to. The integrated app gives users full control over everything that they’re listening to, allowing them to focus in on a call or music without worrying about background noise or to choose to enjoy the sounds streaming from their device while still hearing background noise. Whether you want to learn more or you’re interested in making the switch to Resound hearing aids for the fantastic technological advances offered by these hearing aids, contact us today.