All over America there are people whose lives are affected by hearing loss. And we’re not just talking about the people who have a hearing loss themselves. It also affects their loved ones, friends, and family. Here at Big Thicket Hearing Aids & Audiology, Dr. Joni Ruiz is committed to helping people in the local community improve their hearing and by doing so, improve their relationships.

Talking and listening are important

Life can become difficult when you have a hearing loss and a lot of this is down to communication. As humans, we need communication with others not just to make our daily lives run smoothly, but also to give us emotional support. Think about the conversations you have with your other half, friends, and family – discussions about films, books, and TV, complaints about work, telling jokes, offering stories about your day. Then there are the more intimate things. Offering support to someone who is upset, helping someone with a problem, telling someone you love them. When you can’t hear properly, all of this becomes a lot more difficult.

The effects of lack of communication

When you can’t communicate with your loved one, it can have a bad effect on both of you and your relationship can suffer. You end up spending more time apart, each finding separate things to occupy your time, because spending time together has become frustrating. Both of you can quickly start to feel isolated without other half to lean on. Before long, you’re both feeling lonely, and it’s hard to find a way back from that place.

The difference treatment can make

You may be surprised by the huge difference you can make to your relationship just by treating your hearing loss. When you can hear again, you may find a renewed joy in sharing the little things in life. Being able to chat with your loved one about your day may not seem that momentous, but if you’ve not been able to do that for weeks, months, or even years, it can feel pretty huge.

All your relationships can be improved by treating your hearing loss. Family gatherings and evenings with friends can be enjoyed once more. Parties and meals out are no longer a confusing mess of background noise. You can hear all about the changes in your loved ones’ lives and they will be happy to have you take part in the conversation instead of just nodding and smiling while pretending to hear.

It can be hard to admit to needing a hearing aid, but once you experience just how much it can enrich your life, you will be wishing you had one a long time ago!

Give your hearing a new lease on life

By coming to us for a complimentary, no obligation hearing test in Lumberton, Texas, you can start your journey to better hearing and better relationships. Call us at (409) 751-2590 to schedule your hearing test and our Audiologist will take good care of you.