When that cold wind blows, it’s best to wrap up warm if you want to stay healthy this winter. But did you know that keeping your hearing aids warm and dry this winter is just as important? Drops in temperature, sleet, and snow aren’t good news for your hearing aids. Let us explain why and what you can do about it.

Changing temperatures

A cold snap outside won’t just freeze your ears but your hearing aids too. Then when you come back into the warmth, condensation can appear on the surface of your hearing aids. It is easy enough for that moisture to trickle into your hearing aids and damage its electrics.

Here’s what you can do: keep your ears warm with a hat or earmuffs made from breathable material that will absorb any sweat.

Worn-out batteries

If you’re heading to even chillier climes this winter, the extreme cold can mean your batteries run out faster than usual, leaving you for all intents and purpose without hearing aids.

Here’s what you can do: keep spare batteries on you at all times or if you have hearing aids with rechargeable batteries bring your charging case with you when you go out, so you can plugin and give your batteries a quick boost.

Moisture menace

Even if you wear breathable headgear to keep your hearing aids warm and dry, moisture can still make its way into them, be it sweat, sleet, snow, rain, or condensation. Your hearing aids are hi-tech gadgets but unfortunately, they don’t get along well with moisture.

Here’s what you can do: when you’re inside give your hearing aids a wipe down with a dry cloth and every night before bed take the batteries out of your hearing aids and leave the case open to help everything dry out. You might also want to buy a dehumidifying case and if you’re going to get sweaty doing winter sports it’s worth considering taking your hearing aids out altogether.

Here to help

If you’ve noticed that your hearing aids don’t sound quite right, want to get ahead of the game and get your hearing aids serviced or simply need some help and advice on maintaining your hearing aids, then click here to get in touch with Big Thicket Hearing Aids and Audiology. We’re based in Lumberton, Texas, and are here to keep your hearing health and hearing aids in good shape this winter and beyond.