Up just until a few years ago, Jesse had struggled with the effects of hearing loss for well over 25 years. He had tried just about everything, including a range of different hearing aids. The problem was they only seemed to amplify sounds, including background noise, which meant they ended up being more of a hindrance than a help to him.

I first met with Jesse and his wife back in the fall of 2015 while volunteering at our local church. When I learned of Jesse’s hearing troubles and how much it was affecting his life, I was eager to do everything I could to help him live more comfortably.

At first, Jesse was a little apprehensive, and it’s no wonder after he’d already tried every possible solution up to this point. But with nothing to lose, he let me run a hearing examination on him.

The results? Here’s what Jesse had to say:

“It was a life changing experience for me.  Dr. Ruiz carefully programmed the ReSound hearing aids for my exact level of hearing loss. For the first time in a very long time, I was able to hear birds chirping, turn signal indicators, and much more. These were just some of the tiny things I hadn’t realized I’d been missing!”

But that was only a small part of what we were able to achieve for Jesse. He went on to say:

“For the first time, I was able to hear and understand what my 14-year-old granddaughter was saying.  I had never been able to enjoy a conversation with her without an interpreter.”

As you can imagine, this was a huge turning point for Jesse and his family, and no words can explain the overwhelming feeling this reconnection allowed them all to experience, especially Jesse.

This year, during the 4th of July holiday, Jesse and his family celebrated his granddaughter’s 18th birthday. The holidays are now as special a time for Jesse, as he can enjoy the celebrations to the fullest now that he can hear better again and feel part of the conversation.

Jesse went on to say:

“I am so thankful for having met Dr. Ruiz, and for what she has done to change my life. Over these last 3½ years, I have returned to Dr. Ruiz several times with hearing difficulties I was having, but each time, if I was able to explain what problem I was having, she would come up with a solution that worked.

“Even with the hearing aids, my hearing is such that I cannot use a regular telephone; however, with the Bluetooth capability of the ReSound hearing aids she has me wearing, I can talk with anyone on my iPhone.

“There is no way I can adequately express my appreciation to Dr. Ruiz for how she has impacted my life.  Before she came into my life, I was resigned to slowly becoming a recluse, but today I look forward to continued enjoyment of life and being able to interact effectively with people.”

Thank you to Jesse, my dear patient, for taking the time to provide this heartfelt testimonial about his experience.

Big Thicket Hearing Aids and Audiology was inspired by my passion for helping people like Jesse in the Big Thicket communities. We aim to provide hearing health care that is accessible to all, and that means as inexpensive as possible. No quotas, no targets, no jumping through hoops; just giving patients the help and care that they need.

If you or a loved one are experiencing the struggles of living with a hearing loss, please don’t suffer in silence. You can book a hearing examination by clicking here or you can call me directly at (409) 751-2590.