February is almost here and at Big Thicket Hearing Aids and Audiology, we’re getting excited for the Super Bowl. Here’s an interesting fact for you – there are a number of NFL players who have a hearing loss. It would be easy to assume that something like a hearing loss would stop you from being successful in sports, especially one as physical as football. However, these players have become successful professionals with the use of hearing aids, a talent for lip reading, and a team who are open-minded and willing to provide solutions.

Some famous players with a hearing loss

Derrick Coleman is probably the most famous NFL player with a hearing loss at the moment. Coleman does a lot of work with children who have a hearing loss and has been an inspiration for many young players.

Another player known for promoting hearing loss awareness is Reed Doughty, famous for his time with the Washington Redskins from 2006 to 2013.

Flozell Adams, with an impressive five-time Pro Bowl selection, has a significant hearing loss in one ear, but that didn’t stop him from playing with the Dallas Cowboys from 1998 to 2009.

So, you see, a hearing loss should never stop you from going after your dreams and doing what you want to do.

Looking after your ears as a fan 

If you’re one of the lucky people with tickets for a live game, don’t forget to take your earplugs with you. Football stadiums can be extremely noisy places and there is a danger of a loud crowd doing lasting damage to your ears. The loudest crowd ever recorded was in 2014 by the Kansas Chiefs, at a crazy 142.2 decibels (dB). To put it in perspective, that’s louder than a jet plane flying just 100 feet over your head.

Noises above 85dB are generally accepted as harmful to your hearing, especially if you are exposed to them for a long period of time. So put in those ear plugs before you start shouting along with the rest of the fans.

Advice for hearing aid wearers

If you wear hearing aids, make sure you look after them at the game. You don’t want them to get wet from moisture in the air and be aware that all that jumping around when your team scores could dislodge them.

Watching the game at home

Even if you’re watching the game at home, it’s a good idea to be mindful of your ears. If you’re in your own home, it’s a little easier because you have control of the volume. If your friends start getting too noisy, just ask them to take it down a notch! If you’re in a public place with a rowdy crowd, you can simply step outside for a break once in a while. You may not want to miss a moment of the game, but your ears will thank you for a short rest.

Is your hearing a worry?

If your hearing is a concern, or you want to find out more about custom hearing protection, call us at (409) 751-2590 and schedule a hearing test in Lumberton, Texas. Dr. Joni Ruiz and her team here at Big Thicket Hearing Aids & Audiology are always happy to help.