Your Local Audiologist

Who Are Big Thicket Hearing?

Big Thicket Hearing is a truly community-focused hearing aid and hearing center. We’re here to provide the best hearing care possible to those who really need it at affordable prices.

We’re also passionate about educating our local community around the importance of hearing care, which is something that many of us often neglect or take for granted.

With her externship at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, DC. Dr. Joni Ruiz has spent many years working as an audiologist in the medical system, as well as a 12-month period working closely with both veterans and active duty military.

This opened her eyes to the challenges of the system and the bespoke hearing requirements often posed by patients who work or live in very specific environments. So, she was inspired to open her own Audiology and Hearing center, putting necessity, affordability and quality of patient care at its heart. No quotas, no targets, no jumping through hoops; just simply giving patients the help and care that they need, regardless of their background or situation.

Here at Big Thicket Hearing, we are up to date on all the latest developments in audiology and hearing aid technology. We are upfront and transparent about the investment required for all of our products and services, whilst also providing a range of payment options to ensure that each patient gets exactly the care that they require and deserve.

Come and See Us

We’re not here to sell, we’re not even here for profit; we’re here for you, and you alone. When you visit Big Thicket Hearing, you will be treated and cared for as if you were family.

So, if you have a hearing concern that needs seeing to, come along and see us. We’d love to help you.

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