When you think about hearing loss, you may shrug your shoulders and think it’s not a big deal. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Did you know that hearing loss affects 50% of adults 75 and older? While some hearing loss is a sign of aging, it’s also due to injury, loud noise, disease, and other factors. Many adults struggle with the fact that it has a significant effect on their quality of life yet refuses to get a hearing test from an audiologist out of embarrassment or pride. Unfortunately, losing your hearing can create a whole world of problems, including dementia, social isolation, fatigue, anxiety, depression, and more.

On the younger side of life, hearing loss can also affect newborns, children, and adults under 75. 2-3 out of every 1,000 children are born with moderate or severe hearing impairment in one or both ears. Children who do not receive hearing tests growing up may end up with an untreated hearing loss. This can lead to delayed speech/language development, communication issues, lack of social skills, and academic problems in the future. Early detection and intervention can not only save time and money but also improve one’s overall quality of life.

So, what’s the silver lining? Hearing loss can be treated! Here are the early signs of hearing loss in both adults and children:

Early Signs of Hearing Loss


  • Realizing that the people around you aren’t speaking clearly or are mumbling
  • Finding yourself turning up the TV or radio to higher than average levels
  • Friends and family complain you’re talking too loud or listening to TV/music too loudly
  • It’s hard to follow conversations when more than one person is talking
  • You hear a lot of random background noise in public places
  • It’s hard to understand someone that’s facing away from you
  • You’re asking “What?” a lot more often
  • Silently agreeing, shaking your head, and then hoping they don’t ask your opinion or questions
  • Social situations are very stressful for you because you can’t follow with the flow of conversation
  • You begin isolating yourself and staying home more to avoid interactions with people
  • Experiencing difficulties with memory and cognitive functions
  • You’re more tired than usual from trying to over process words and sounds


  • Delayed language development or sound production than others their age. Babies should be “cooing” at three months, babbling at six months, and speaking at 12 months; sounding similar to their peers
  • Not responding or reacting to their name by a year old
  • Not responding to sounds around them for infants under one year
  • Having a hard time following simple instructions
  • Experiencing ear discomfort consistently
  • Not reacting appropriately to loud or startling noises around them

If you, a loved one, or your child are experiencing these signs, it’s best to visit an audiologist for a hearing test right away. We can discuss treatment options and find the best hearing aid or plan to fit your needs.

Why is Early Detection So Important?

As we mentioned, hearing loss directly impacts your quality of life. When it’s challenging to understand and connect with those around you, it’s easy to remove yourself from social and public settings. This leads to isolation, depression, loneliness, and plenty more negative outcomes. It can also lead to Alzheimer’s Disease or dementia since your brain isn’t stimulated like it used to. Your brain is also over processing the sounds you do hear, which can put an overload on the brain. Overall, quality hearing is essential to living a healthy and happy life.

ReSound Hearing Aids

A hearing aid is a small device that you wear in or behind your ear. ReSound hearing aids do more than amplify sound, they’re programmed to suit your level of hearing loss to get you back in the action. Long gone are the days of ugly, clunky hearing aids. Today there are many different types of ReSound hearing aids including, digital, invisible, Bluetooth, rechargeable, receiver-in-ear, custom made, behind the ear, tinnitus, and smartphone compatible. ReSound’s advanced technologies take full advantage of your brain’s amazing ability to take in sounds. They help you dial in on things you want to hear while taking into consideration your lifestyle and budget. Whether it’s your grandson’s first word or a car honking across the street, hearing connects us to the world. ReSound has been in the hearing aid business since 1943, they’ve won numerous awards, and have fantastic customer testimonials.

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