Big Thicket’s director, Dr. Joni Ruiz, has been named Best Audiologist at the Hardin County News Readers’ Choice Awards.

Big Thicket Hearing Aids & Audiology was also named the Best Audiology Clinic and Hearing Aid Distributor.

This is the second time in a row that both Dr. Ruiz and Big Thicket Hearing Aids & Audiology have won these prestigious local titles.

Such an accolade reflects Dr. Ruiz’s hard work among East Texan communities, and the respect patients have for her professionalism and expertise.

“I’ve been seeing Joni for a good long while now, and she is by far the best audiologist around,” said Beau, a hearing aid wearer and regular at Big Thicket Hearing Aids & Audiology.

“She cares about her patients and is very thorough at her job.”

“If you are looking for a new audiologist then go see her. You won’t be disappointed!”

The award also references Big Thicket’s advances in patient care standards, viewed particularly in its pioneering state-of-the-art technology.

It’s the only clinic in East Texas to offers customized hearing aid fitting, conducted via a 3D ear scanner, cutting out uncomfortable, time-consuming impression sessions.

Patients also receive their hearing aids much quicker compared with standard methods, meaning they can gain life-changes benefits as soon as possible.

This high level of service is matched by Big Thicket Hearing Aids & Audiology’s commitment to affordability.

Big Thicket Hearing Aids & Audiology ensure hearing health help is in reach of everyone in the community. If you’re worried about a hearing loss, or know someone who is, you can Request a call-back now, and a member of the Big Thicket Hearing Aids & Audiology team can help with your concern today!