At Big Thicket Hearing Aids & Audiology, educating our local community about hearing-related issues is a significant part of our commitment to provide the people of Hardin County with excellent hearing care.

When an issue arises that has a negative impact on the quality of life for hearing aid users; we want to raise awareness and offer solutions.

The sound problems users are experiencing when pairing their hearing aids to the new iPhone 12 are examples of the kind of issues we want our patients and the larger community to be aware of.

Let’s look at what’s happening and discuss actionable steps you can take if you’ve encountered these problems.

The Sound Problems iPhone 12 Users Are Reporting

iPhone 12 users are complaining about Bluetooth problems and poor sound quality when they pair their hearing aids to the smartphone. Common complaints are:

  • Hearing aids repeatedly disconnect and reconnect
  • When connected, users hear loud static sounds
  • Audio sounds garbled

If you’ve experienced these problems with your iPhone 12, you’ll identify with the following users who vented in an internet forum about their frustrations with the new technology.

Unfortunately, most users on that forum’s thread reported problems similar to the ones below.

“The left ear device is creating an extreme amount of static, very painful. I am also having connection problems at times. If I turn my head at times, it cuts out my sound.”

“I’m experiencing a lot of static and, in general, a touchy connection where one or both ears will cut sound. Often just turning my head sometimes cuts out sound from one ear.”

Are Hearing Aids to Blame for These Sound Issues?

We can confidently conclude hearing aids are not responsible for these problems. The iPhone 12 hearing aid problems are happening with a variety of hearing brands and models. Usually, that would strongly suggest the problem is with the smartphone.

However, Apple released iOS 14, a new version of the operating system for Apple devices, around the same time the tech giant released the iPhone 12.

Some users are questioning whether iOS 14 could be causing these sound and connectivity issues. It’s a reasonable question to raise since Apple’s iOS 13 initially caused problems with Bluetooth connectivity.

As an audiologist, my expertise is in hearing aid troubleshooting. Therefore, I won’t weigh in on the iPhone 12 versus iOS 14 debate, but one or both of these Apple products appear to be the source of the problem.

Solving Sound Problems with Your iPhone 12

Apple is aware hearing aid users are experiencing connectivity and sound issues with the iPhone 12. The tech company’s advice for hearing aid users is to update to iOS 14.2.1 or later.

Finally, if you’re trying to resolve hearing aid problems that aren’t related to the iPhone 12, we also have a guide to hearing aid troubleshooting.

The guide explains how a user can fix the most common hearing aid issues.

In the event you’re still having problems with your hearing aids, contact us.

Our team of hearing care professionals is available for hearing aid troubleshooting, cleaning, and repair.