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This year, thanks to the pandemic, our world has become a bit smaller and quieter as we miss out on seeing loved ones and participating in the activities we normally enjoy.

But sadly, according to a recent study, one-third of older adults could have an undiagnosed hearing loss, meaning they’ve been living in quietness for quite some time.

Because hearing loss is a gradual process, it can take years before it becomes noticeable, and many people simply don’t know the signs.

Signs such as no longer hearing the birds sing, the beeping of the microwave, or clearly understanding someone on the telephone.

Early hearing loss detection can make a huge difference to how the condition is treated and to the amount of hearing that can still be preserved.

What Can You Do?

If you have an older loved one, I encourage you to become proactive in their hearing health and ensure that they have their hearing assessed. For even in these quieter times, there’s still so much joy to be discovered through the sense of hearing.

You can read more about this here. And more importantly, to get your loved one started on the journey to better hearing, please give me a call to arrange a comprehensive hearing assessment today.


If you are considering hearing aids or are looking to upgrade your current devices, we are continuing our BOGO half off on top level technology through the month of November.

Now is also a great time to check if your insurance covers hearing aids before your deductible restarts in January.  Simply give us a call and provide us with your insurance information, and we can check on your benefits for you.

On a personal level, last month was a fun-filled month, as Bre celebrated her 40th birthday, and the Ruiz family visited Walt Disney World.

Hopper, our future therapy dog, will finish up his second round of training in November, and the Ruiz family will be so glad to have him home for the holidays!

And finally, our office will be closed on Thanksgiving Day. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Six Great Tips to Help Hearing Aid Users When Wearing Face Masks 

While face masks are slowing down the spread of the virus, they are also creating some communication issues for hearing aid wearers. 

Consumer Reports recently published a fantastic article that’s filled with advice on how to improve communication skills when you’re out and about.

If you wear hearing aids, these tips should make life much easier. Be sure to:

  • Ask people to speak slowly and clearly – this makes it easier to understand someone rather than them raising their voice and failing to enunciate their sentences.
  • Stand face to face when talking – as long as you stay six feet apart, experts suggest that eye contact can be a very helpful visual cue.
  • Find the right mask – although clear face masks are useful for lip reading, research has shown that cloth and surgical masks can make sounds less muffled.
  • Adjust your hearing aids – they can be altered to help with conversations; feel free to give us a call if you need assistance.
  • Try out a transcription app – smartphone apps, such as Dragon or Google Live, will reproduce speech that you can read back.
  • Make meetings virtual – use your hearing aids as a tool to let you stream sounds via your smartphone, tablet, or computer, so you don’t lose touch with others.

Find the full article here.

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