Isn’t it strange how wearing glasses is seen as ‘trendy’ whereas hearing aids are some sort of taboo?

For many years, hearing aids have been attached to the signs of aging, and many people are reluctant to get help in fear that they will look ‘bulky’ and ‘obvious.’

This damaging mentality not only decreases your chances of restoring your hearing but significantly restricts your life, preventing you from hearing all the wonderful sounds of life.

Whether it’s hearing your loved ones clearly or being able to confidently engage in social situations, hearing is primary to everyday function, and it has never been more important to start your journey early.

To help debunk some of the hearing loss myths and misconceptions about hearing loss, we participated in World Hearing Day earlier this month.

Organized by the World Health Organization, WHD aims to raise awareness for the importance of healthy hearing.

Why Is Hearing Loss Such A Problem in the US?

The danger of undiagnosed hearing loss is that it takes on average 7-10 years for someone to book themselves in for a comprehensive hearing assessment.

For many years, people simply fail to recognize the red flags and push them to the back of their minds. In fact, it is often family and friends who pick up on the signs first!

Not only does hearing loss significantly reduce your ability to hear, but it can have serious implications for your cognitive function.

Individuals suffering from hearing loss may find that they have to work harder in conversations to be able to translate what the other person is saying.

Due to sheer exhaustion over constantly trying to keep up, this can lead to “brain fog,” where even simple tasks can become a chore.

This can further lead to a spiral of decline, where the individual may choose to withdraw completely and avoid attending social events in fear of not being able to hear.

The sad reality of this is that it could’ve been prevented sooner.

The Importance of Healthy Hearing

In line with World Hearing Day, one of our continuous goals is to encourage more people to book themselves in for a hearing assessment, avoiding future decline.

A comprehensive hearing assessment at Big Thicket Hearing Aids & Audiology is a simple and non-invasive procedure that takes no longer than half an hour.

It allows us to review all areas of your hearing health, such as the degree of your hearing loss and what may be contributing toward its decline.

With just one appointment, it allows us to pinpoint the cause of your hearing loss so we can determine a comprehensive plan and treatment that is catered to your individual needs.

In truth, hearing loss is very complex, and no story is the same. That’s why you must get your hearing checked by a professional, such as our team, which is expertly trained in audiology.

Start Your Journey to Better Hearing

One of our biggest frustrations is that we regularly get our blood pressure taken, our cholesterol monitored, and visit the dentist, yet why is hearing abandoned?

Shocking as it is, we must change the taboo of “hearing loss” and normalize the conversation. That way, it can help so many others come to terms with their hearing challenges.

If you or a loved one is experiencing a hearing loss and is reluctant to get help, then point them to Big Thicket Hearing Aids & Audiology or give us a call at (409) 751-2590.