The United States is currently enduring a hearing loss crisis, with the latest reports suggesting that 1 in 8 Americans over the age of 12 have a hearing loss in both ears*

Big Thicket based Dr. Joni Ruiz has dedicated her career to tackling this crisis by educating local residents on the subject of hearing loss, in order to help them take action and address their hearing concerns.

With the average person waiting seven years to treat a hearing loss, in which it has often irreversibly worsened within the period – there’s never a better time than today to care for your hearing health.

On Thursday, July 25 – Dr. Ruiz is hosting a special one-day ‘Better Hearing’ event where she’s inviting 40 local residents to receive the following, FREE OF CHARGE:

  • A complimentary hearing screening – a non-invasive quick evaluation that measures your hearing and produces a full report (audiogram)
  • A thorough video otoscope examination – this will identify any direct earwax problems and only takes a couple of minutes
  • A live demonstration of the latest hearing technology – including fully rechargeable, smart hearing aids that are hardly noticeable
  • If you currently wear hearing instruments, Dr. Ruiz will professionally clean and inspect them at no charge during your visit

This special FREE event is for one day only and has a maximum capacity of 40 people.

With hearing assessments and otoscope examinations typically costing hundreds of dollars – the demand for this free event is expected to be high.

If you believe that you have a hearing loss – or you have a friend, neighbor or loved one that you think would be interested, then I highly encourage you to take action and book your/their place immediately.

Please CLICK HERE to secure your place or call (409) 751-2590. As this is a first come, first served event – it’s highly encouraged that you secure your time-slot now and avoid disappointment.

If you have any form of hearing concerns, whether you find others complaining at how loud you have your television or you struggle to fully hear conversations in noisy backgrounds, then this event is the perfect opportunity to have your hearing fully assessed for free.

Event Address:

Big Thicket Hearing Aids and Audiology
677 South Main Street